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Anti-Aging Skin Care

Learn To Look After Your Skin

The largest organ of the body is your skin which deserves to be looked after.  The  following simple steps can help:

  • Try to stop smoking Research shows that smoking prematurely ages your skin.
  • Eat healthily Good nutrition helps the body repair skin
  • Try to drink 2 litres of water a day On a normal day our bodies lose approximately 2 ½ litres of water through breathing, sweating and other bodily functions. On a very hot day or when we’re exercising we lose even more. Drinking enough liquid helps hydrate skin from the inside out
  • Cleanse, tone & moisturize Morning and Night
  • Don’t sleep in a hot room this causes sweating, puffiness and possible spots
  • Open windows Staying in stuffy, dry rooms is not good for you
  • Shield your skin’s elastin and collagen from harmful UV light which penetrates the skin to the deep layers of the dermis, causing mutation of cells
  • Regular monthly anti-ageing treatments produce long term results
  • Choose your anti-ageing products wisely Products are absorbed into your skin and affect your internal health


We highly recommend Natural Elements Skin care products 

Natural Elements is a collection of beautiful, authentic and effective handmade, aromatherapy-based skincare products.  Manufactured, exclusively in the UK in small batches, to ensure freshness.

Beware of any skin products containing the “3 P’s” – Perfume, Paraffin or Parabens.

Perfumes are known irritants – Paraffin (mineral oil) blocks the skin and stops it breathing – Parabens have been linked with health ailments including cancer.

The biggest breakthrough to date is that antioxidants, especially ‘super antioxidants’ have a major role to play in combating life cell or ‘mitochondrial’ decay.  ‘Super antioxidants’ are a huge health benefit to our life expectancy, neutralising the main causes of cells ageing.

Natural Elements use only plant-derived ingredients, which deliver these ‘super antioxidants’ in their unique way, giving you the maximum benefit from your anti-ageing products with aromatic smells & luxurious textures.

  • Rich in essential fatty acids (EFAs), guarding against moisture lose
  • Full of proteins, minerals, Beta carotene and Vitamin E
  • Aids skin regeneration, helping to slow the signs of ageing
  • High levels of GLA (gamma linolenic acid), which helps to strengthen skins supporting collagen fibres
  • A good source of UVA free radical neutralisers
  • Kind to sensitive complexions
  • Helping to reduce ‘age’ pigmentation spots