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Natural, Rejuvenating Treatments For A Younger You!

Product Specification


Cosmetic application

Anti-Aging with Hyaluronic Acid Gel (HA) and the Polylaser derma (LLLT) – in short – HA + LLLT – belongs today to the worldwide most preferred alternatives of natural wellness treatments for rejuvenation against wrinkles and scars.

Hyaluronan serum helps protect joints by increasing the viscosity of the fluid and by making the cartilage between bones more elastic and also contributes to tissue hydrodynamics (1 gr. can absorb as much as 6 l of water), movement and proliferation of cells, and participates in a number of cell surface receptor interactions.

Since 2003 the FDA has approved hyaluronan injections for filling soft tissue defects such as facial wrinkles. These products are analogous to collagen injections but have the advantages of longer lasting effects and decreased risk of allergic reaction.

The special RJ-Hyaluronan serum is applied to the skin. The energy of the Polylaser will cross link and activate the special RJ-Hyaluronan gel. The result is similar to the injection method, but more convenient for the patient (no pain, no side effects) and offers better results for large areas.

The Polylaser derma offers gentle skin rejuvenation using photon energy and a special hyaluronic serum. Important features:

  • Special derma lens
  • Combination of three wave lengths in order to reach all tissue levels.


RJ-LASER – Market leader in non-invasive laser therapy

The RJ laser therapy system is based on more than 30 years of experience in development and production of medical laser devices (LLLT, low level laser or cold laser). RJ laser devices are made for conventional and complementary, holistic treatment (modern ear acupuncture/auricular medicine and body acupuncture).

RJ laser therapy devices (cold laser) work with the intelligent RJ therapy software for highest precision, safety and bio-functional therapy information. The RJ therapy software plus the microprocessor control enables precise programming of all important functions, giving you the flexibility to apply the latest research results.

RJ-LASER technology: Highest frequency range with modulation up to 99 999 Hz. Therapy with two probes simultaneously, each with individual setting, perfect therapeutic wave lengths from 405 nm up to 905 nm, LLLT and MLLT for non-invasive cell stimulation.